Fight the Congressional Recess Madness: Attend a Town Hall Meeting

 The sequester cuts in medical research, public health programs and global health funding significantly diminish the likelihood of there being an AIDS free generation anytime soon. This is unacceptable, but there is something YOU can do. It is August and Congress is now on Summer recess. The time of year when all good congresspeople return home to meet their constituents. That means that at congressional town Hall meetings across the country, crazed constituents are showing up to tell their representatives that either Obamacare, gay marriage, food stamps or federal reserve policy are one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. At times it can be amusing to watch some of these wing-nuts spew their blatant idiocy. Often they do a disservice to the causes and political affiliations they represent.

However, with so much at stake do you believe you should be sitting back and not participating? Do you want to risk the possibility that right-wing loons like the one in the video set the political agenda for members of congress such as the spineless Rep. Martha Roby of Alabama?

Well then, how about showing up at your representative’s town hall meeting to bring some sanity into the conversation? That includes talking about ending a pandemic that otherwise will cost tens of millions of lives and billions and billions and billions more in dollars. Tell those attending, including your representative, that the sequester must be overturned and funding put into programs that will end AIDS in our lifetime.

town-hall-meetingThe American Public Health Association (ASPH), along with others groups like ACT UP, are calling on supporters of science and reason to fight the congressional recess madness: Attend YOUR representative’s town hall event. They will be running throughout August and into September so check the town hall schedule here. If there is one being held in your vicinity, show up and vociferously counter the distorted and the bizarre with a message of humanity and hope: That we can end AIDS!

Here are some talking points is you are unsure of what to say.  The ASPH also has provided a tool box and talking points.

Or if you can’t attend a town hall meeting you can still write your congressman via the ASPH. Or you can reach your senators’ and representative’s through the U .S . Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121. You can also find state and district office information and numbers online:

Then after you take action consider joining, or forming, an ACT UP chapter. Make that a priority too.

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