Global Health: Sequestation Cuts = Minimal Savings, Deadly Results


A Drop in the Bucket: Cutting Global Health Funding Provides Negligible Deficit Reduction but it Will Cost Tens of Thousands Of Lives Worldwide.

Tens of thousands of HIV infected people worldwide could die as a result of U.S. sequestation cuts to Global Health according to an updated report by the amfAR Public Policy Office. Entitled The Effect of Budget Sequestration on Global Health: Projecting the Human Impact in Fiscal Year 2013, its frightening analysis of the deadly 5.3 percent funding cuts as a result of sequestation will lead to the following:

  • HIV treatment for 171,900 people will not be available resulting in 39,200 more AIDS-related deaths and 77,200 more children becoming orphans.
  • 67,200 fewer HIV-positive pregnant women will receive services to prevent mother-to-child transmission, leading to nearly 12,800 infants being infected with HIV.

In addition:

  •  238,500 children will loose funding for food, education, and livelihood assistance.
  • Fewer insecticide-treated mosquito nets will be procured, leading to over 3,200 deaths due to malaria; 2 million fewer will get treated.
  • 37,400 fewer people with TB will get treated leading to 4,500 more deaths; 200 fewer people with multidrug-resistant TB will receive treatment.
  • 836,800 fewer vaccines for children, leading to 8,900 more children dead from preventable diseases.

And the report does not take into account all of the additional number of new HIV, TB and other deadly infections that could result because of U.S. cuts to Global Health. The report does note that “a proportionate cut in U.S. Global Health Initiative funding through sequestration would have minimal impact on deficit reduction, representing only 0.63 percent of the total required in deficit reduction for 2013”.

The human impact of those cuts, however, will be “devastating.”

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