Treat Lipodystrophy Bill Needs Your Support Now!

For many who have suffered the ravages of HIV/AIDS, lipodystrophy is a disfiguring side effect of earlier HIV medications that can leave physical signs of disease like gaunt looking faces, large bellies, and fat humps on the upper back. This leads to additional stigma for those affected. The Treat Lipodystrophy Coalition is working to get health insurance pay for lipodystrophy treatment. Kevin Koerner who works at the Boston Living Center, along with people from GLAD and other agencies have been pushing to get a bill passed thru the MA state legislature that would mandate private and public health insurers pay for Lipodystrophy treatment.

Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, whose district includes the South End, Downtown and the North End of Boston, is the co-chair of the Joint Committee on Financial Services where the bill now sits. Call or email Rep. Michlewitz and let him know that this bill is important: urge him to move to pass this bill this session! The JPG below is all the info you need to make your voice heard. You can view the bill at
Contact Michelwitz re Lipo bill-page-001



One thought on “Treat Lipodystrophy Bill Needs Your Support Now!

  1. I think this should be NATIONWIDE. because there are people across the U.S. that have this problem. me being one with the big belly and i am slender.

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