‘Housing First’ Policy for Addressing Homelessness Hamstrung By Funding Issues

Housing First’ Policy for Addressing Homelessness Hamstrung By Funding Issues. By RACHEL M. COHEN, Originally published in The American Prospect on January 27, 2015. The new approach may spring from good intentions, but is undermined by a lack of affordable housing stock In an era of shrinking financial resources, policymakers, providers, and activists who work on homelessness prevention and … Continue reading

“Beautiful” Study: Romneycare Saves Many Lives. What About Obamacare?

A new and rather important study, just published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, reveals that the Massachusetts health care reform plan Romneycare, which was implemented here in 2006, has saved the lives of many state residents. However,  the rejecting of Obamacare Medicaid expansion by Republican controlled states could have the opposite effect: It could … Continue reading