Good Works: Summer Cookouts for the Homeless, by the Homeless.

ACT UP/Boston’s spin off of homeless activists, The Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee, will be hosting a series of Summer Cookouts to feed and organize the homeless. To celebrate Independence Day, the first cookout, We the People: A Cookout for the Homeless, by the Homeless, will be a celebratory kickoff event for the smaller cookouts to follow. That will … Continue reading

City to Homeless: Drop Dead! Demand Boston create 400 housing vouchers to help end homelessness!

Homeless People with HIV are dying in the streets! This has to stop! Join with ACT UP, the Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee, The Budget For All Coalition, the Save Our Section 8/City Policy Committee, among other groups, to pressure City Council for an increase in the Mayor’s Housing budget and for the creation of a … Continue reading