Good Works: Summer Cookouts for the Homeless, by the Homeless.

Lenny (3)

Lenny, who is still homeless, paid for a cookout for the homeless last year. Help BHSC’s Lenny keep his check this year by making a contribution.

ACT UP/Boston’s spin off of homeless activists, The Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee, will be hosting a series of Summer Cookouts to feed and organize the homeless. To celebrate Independence Day, the first cookout, We the People: A Cookout for the Homeless, by the Homeless, will be a celebratory kickoff event for the smaller cookouts to follow. That will be held July 3rd in Boston’s Ramsey Park.

Last year, homeless Lenny Higginbottom, now a BHSC member, threw a 4th of July Cookout for Boston’s homeless using his monthly check. Your donation can make our organize-the-homeless cookouts a success. Plus this year, Lenny will be able to keep his check!i

BHSC has NO paid staff: Every member of BHSC’s “Union of the Homeless” is an activist/volunteer. Hence the need for funds. They also would appreciate donations of food, charcoal, sound equipment, etc., to help make these cookouts memorable and inspiring events to impel Boston’s homeless.

Check out the donation and Facebook event pages and repost them please. And if you want to volunteer, get in touch with BHSC or show up at the BHSC Sunday meetings at Noon, 9 Hamilton Pl, Boston.

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