City to Homeless: Drop Dead! Demand Boston create 400 housing vouchers to help end homelessness!

imagesHomeless People with HIV are dying in the streets! This has to stop! Join with ACT UP, the Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee, The Budget For All Coalition, the Save Our Section 8/City Policy Committee, among other groups, to pressure City Council for an increase in the Mayor’s Housing budget and for the creation of a city funded voucher program for low-income renters and the homeless!

When: 11:00 am, Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Where: 5th Floor City Council Chambers

AND call your district and at large City Councilors now at 617.635.3040 and demand action!

The Save Our Section 8/City Policy Committee already successfully lobbied the City to increase the Mayor’s proposed housing budget by $1.75 million, to offset federal housing cuts. However, these funds were earmarked for senior housing programs also in need (already a problem due to gentrification and an aging population, the city is likely to face a sharp increase in elderly homelessness in upcoming years). However, $1.75 million falls drastically short of the funding needed for those now homeless who are struggling and dying in our streets – can it be because the homeless can’t readily vote so some city pols don’t care to prioritize helping them?

Recently, members of our coalition met with the Department of Neighborhood Development and testified before City Council to request an increase of city funds for housing. We also asked the City to create a city-funded Voucher program to provide permanent rental housing for low income families and individuals that would help the city’s homeless.

Since 2007, the city of Washington, DC, has funded – from the City’s budget – a Voucher Program that provides 3,248 city funded Vouchers (both Project Based and Mobile Vouchers) for low income renters. Washington, DC is also planning a five year effort to end homelessness. If DC can do it, why can’t Boston?

We are asking the Boston City Council to add at least $5 million to the City’s budget for housing, and to earmark these funds for at least a Pilot Program to provide 400 Vouchers for the City’s homeless and low income families and individuals. The Council will be deciding on its budget priorities in the next two weeks!

Contact Rob at ACT UP at 857-417-9817 to RSVP or if you have any questions.

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