Saturday: Boston Student Health Activist Summit

ImageAre you interested in changing the social determinants of health? Developing a community of like-minded health professionals? Do you want to learn more about how activists effectively tackle injustice? Join amazing like-minded medical students, residents, attendings, and community activist leaders in the greater Boston region at LAUNCH! Boston Student Health Activist Summit organized by the American Medical Student Association-AIDS Advocacy Network! March 29th from 10-6pm at Boston University School of Medicine. RSVP at the link here!

The conference will teach practical, direct action skills, especially how to think about issues in the frame of a demand-directed campaign with a goal, a strategy, actions, and tactics, based largely on the uber-successful Midwest Academy philosophy. Small group workshops will teach you about community organizing, legislative visits, birddogging, picking the right target, using media effectively, and more. Learn with experts about several ongoing local and national advocacy campaigns, including the fight for global AIDS funding, worker rights, single payer healthcare, access to medicines, and several others. Keep in mind that the skills learned at this day-long summit will allow you to analyze any injustice you see in a way that enables you to work with others to change them. Plus, the connections you make will last a lifetime!

Speakers will include Dr. Chris Curry, an OB/GYN at Boston Medical Center and a founder of AMSA’s AIDS Advocacy Network; Dr. Rishi Rattan, a resident in Surgery at Tufts Medical Center and Advocacy Chair for Physicians for Haiti; Jennifer Flynn, Managing Director of HealthGAP; and many others. Several organizations will be represented including Mass-CARE, Resist the Raids, NARAL, AmFAR, RESULTS, SEIU, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, Ban-the-Box (for justice-friendly workplaces) and Student Global AIDS Campaign.

JOIN US AT LAUNCH! Boston Student Health Activist Summit and spread the word! This conference is geared towards students in the health professional arena – medical, pharmacy, nursing, physician assistant, social work, public health, pre-health, law, policy and other students or community activists. We want you to join us!! Feel free to forward this notice to interested friends, colleagues, students or student groups.

Too far away to attend?? Email Alison Case at to get on our list for a live webcast


Boston University School of Medicine AMSA Chapter

Harvard Medical School AMSA Chapter

BU Advocacy Training Program


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