U.S. Organizations Remain Silent while Nigerian Gays Desperate for Global Rally March 07


URGENTLY Calling on HRC, NCLR, Get EQUAL and Other U.S.A. Organizations to Start Preparing Now to Form a Coalition to Rally for Nigeria

By Melanie Nathan, February 13, 2014.

Goodluck-Jonathan-007Nigeria’s LGBT community, through The Solitary Alliance, is calling on the world to help protest against the anti-gay law that has caused major persecution and mob injustice against gays and lesbians in Nigeria. I wrote to all our USA group back on January 13 asking for noise and 2 groups out of the 8 responded saying that they were waiting to hear from Nigeria’s LGBT community first, I think in the case of Nigeria that was a big mistake and one that could also hurt Ugandan gays – which is waiting to see if Museveni will sign his assent to its pending Anti-gay Bill.

Now the Nigerian LGBT community, is begging for help and asking for a Global Day of Solidarity…

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