Friday: Demonstrate Against the TPP & Corporate Globalization – BOSTON and ELSEWHERE

International Day of Action to Stop the TPP!

Boston: Friday, January 31st, 1 PM at the State House. Details of demo and march here

Elsewhere: Find out about stop TPP actions and events in your city.

Check out these links to find out why stopping the TPP is important for Global Health and for people with HIV.

Can’t make the Demo? Call Congress to Stop the TPP!

The TPP and YOU!

Banks, corporations, and governments have been colluding unjust, unfair and unchecked “trade” agreements that have been leading up to global dominance of power in society. Together, we must raise awareness to the masses to rise against this oppressive force. Since NAFTA was passed twenty years ago, approximately one million US jobs have been lost and workers rights and regulations have decreased.

Now we face the largest “trade” agreement in human history, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that is referred to as “NAFTA on steroids”, involving the US, Canada, Mexico, Brunei, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Australia, Chile, Malaysia, & Vietnam giving them control of 40% of the World’s GDP. In the 29 chapters of the TPP, it includes internet rights/freedoms, environmental policies, fossil fuel imports & exports, food regulations and labeling transparency, restriction on imports and exports, workers rights and wages, fast track agreement approval, and pharmaceutical patenting. It is the ultimate corporate power grab!

The only way to overcome these forces is so educate yourself, inform others, unite, and resist!!! We will gather outside of the State House at 1pm and soon after march around common areas in BostonJoin us!!!

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