Needle Exchange Action Alert: Calls Needed to Congress!

ImageFrom our pals at Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC):

Right now is the best chance we’ve had in two years to lift the ban on federal funding for syringe exchange programs. An omnibus appropriations bill is currently being drafted for FY14, so this is our opportunity to get language on federal funding for SEPs revised. The Senate has the correct language, but the House does not, so it’s time to put pressure on the House.

If you have time please call all members of  congress listed below. Meetings on the Hill are still going on this week to lift the ban. Included is a script that you can tweak based on how comfortable you feel with it. If you also have contacts at any of these offices, please e-mail them as well!

Womack, R-AR on House Approps Labor H
Schiff, D-CA on House Approps
Serrano. D-NY on House Approps
Latham, R-Iowa on House Approps
Moran, D-VA on House Approps
McCollum, D- MN on House Approps
Schultz, D-FL on House Approps
Roby, R-AL on House Approps
Dent, R-PA on House Approps
Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY): 202-225-4601
Rep. Kingston (R-GA): 202-225-5831
Rep. Delauro (D-CT): 202-225-3661
Rep. Lowey (D-NY): 202-225-6506


Hello, my name is ­­­­­­_________ and I live in (city/town). I’m calling to ask Representative ________ to take needed leadership ensuring access to syringe services programs by lifting the ban on federal funding for these programs. Syringe services programs have been proven to prevent HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C among injection drug users, reduce injuries to law enforcement and first responders, and save taxpayer dollars. Lives are in the balance. I personally know this because (insert personal story or state-specific SSP fact here). Lifting the ban would not increase the federal budget, but merely allow states and localities to spend federal dollars as they see fit. Please have Representative _______ ensure that the ban on federal funding for syringe services programs is repealed while drafting an omnibus appropriations bill for FY14. Thank you for doing what you can to end this archaic, misinformed policy.

SGAC is logging the calls here to keep track:

And finally, another way to take action.

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