Ron Woodroof: Hustler, Homophobe and Hero. Dallas Buyers Club Movie Opens Nov 1st.

Before AZT, and even years after its FDA approval, there where few effective options to treat the ravages of HIV infection. Many with the virus had no choice but to desperately make drug and health supplement purchases from what became a regular source of hope for those without hope: Buyers Clubs. Now comes the film Dallas Buyers Club, on hustler, homophobe, and eventual AIDS hero, Ron Woodroof. Texas cowboy Woodroof was the controversial, HIV infected founder of the Dallas Buyers Club, which became an important resource during those most desperate times. The film opens at a theater near you Nov 1st.

Check out the You Tube movie trailer above as well as the Time Magazine piece on the movie.

Actor Matthew McConaughey plays Woodroof in the film. Check out his interview on the film below.

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