July 19th, 20th: Healing Our Land Event

425270_10200772698813174_588889836_nACT UP is supporting Healing Our Land, Inc. in an upcoming two-day conference, walk, and rally. In 2005, a State of Emergency was declared in Boston communities of color regarding the alarming rates of HIV and the lack of state and federal resources to address this serious issue. Since then, HIV/AIDS funding has continued to dwindle and HIV incidence in communities of color has skyrocketed. We need a major grassroots movement to demand that HIV/AIDS services and care be fully funded in order to combat this outrageous racial health inequity and to end AIDS once and for all.

Join Healing Our Land on July 19th at 10am for a gathering of activists, service providers, and people of faith in order to share strategies about how to connect communities of color with the resources they need and discuss what it will take to create a grassroots, faith-based movement to address the State of Emergency in communities of color.

On July 20th, we will meet at Global Ministry Christian Church and march through Dorchester to an abandoned building at the corner of Lyndhurst and Washington St. We will have a press conference and rally at this building in order to put forth a demand that this building will be converted into a space for providing housing and services to PLWHA in the area, and we will be working with neighborhood developers such as Future Hope to make this demand a reality. There will be testing and health screenings at the rally. This is our chance to empower our communities and reclaim the resources we need in order to heal from the HIV/AIDS epidemic!You can spread the word through facebook, or for more information, contact Minister Franklin Wendell Hobbs at 617-594-9955.

Minister Franklin Wendell Hobbs
Global Ministry Christian Church,
670 Washington St.,Codman Sq.,
Dorchester, MA 02124

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