Oh SNAP! The Farm Bill Debate is Heating Up. Let’s Dig in.

Homes for Families: Opening Doors

After an update from Policy Director, Diane Sullivan, on HFF priorities for the remainder of FY13, Pat Baker of the Mass Law Reform Institute (MLRI) briefed us on the Farm Bill that is currently up for debate in Congress.  It passed the Senate yesterday and will be moving on to the House next week. 

What’s on the table?

Well, for some SNAP beneficiaries, nothing anymore. 

The Heat and Eat” program is on the table and ready to be cut.  Currently, low-income residents can take advantage of the LIHEAP energy assistance program which simplifies the calculation to determine amount of SNAP benefits and verifications needed for households that are constantly forced with the choice of “heating or eating”.  The Senate proposed to increase the threshold amount of LIHEAP while the House proposes to eliminate it entirely. 

Changes in LIHEAP don’t just mean a different, more difficult form of receiving…

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