Treatment as Prevention (and the politics of ending AIDS).

Dr. Stephen Lewis on the politics of Treatment as Prevention for HIV/AIDS

Treatment as prevention (TasP) is a term used to describe HIV prevention methods that use antiretroviral treatment to decrease HIV transmission.

New scientific data on Treament as Prevention, the groundbreaking HTPN 052 study in 2011,  and more recent data on community wide TasP,  have changed the debate on fighting HIV. Scientists now believe it is possible to end of AIDS possibly within our lifetime. We must recommit ourselves to achieving these goals by treating 15 million people who now need medications so to drastically reduce new HIV infections and curtail the AIDS pandemic.

Though these goals are ambitious, they are all achievable if we have the support of donors, governments, organizations, and the private sector. We need leaders from around the world to step up with resources, programs, and political will so that, together, we can make real progress toward ending AIDS. Join ACT UP and help make that happen.

 The hope to stop HIV/AIDS is Treatment as Prevention

Michel Sidibé, speaks about Treatment as Prevention for an AIDS free generation

Tax Wall St., End AIDS!

An End AIDS mobilization 

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