For Whom Would You Get Naked?


Ever strip down for a worthy cause such as to save those who might otherwise die? That is what the Naked 7 did.

A few months ago, 7 courageous HIV/AIDS activists took it all off in Speaker of the House Boehner’s office to publicize and protest the deadly fiscal cliff/sequester budget cuts. Disrobing and then chanting “Boehner, Boehner, don’t be a dick, budget cuts will make us sick,” they were eventually arrested and are now facing criminal charges. Below is an update from Naked 7 member Jennifer Flynn on their ongoing battle with the “justice” system and how you can help.

 ALL of the Naked 7 have been charged with lewd and obscene behavior. The DC Attorney General has refused to allow us into the “diversion” program where most people with that charge are sent. That program would have enabled us to do a little community service and have our records sealed if we stay out of “trouble.”

Instead, it looks like all seven of us will have to go to court. We have been told that we are very likely to be found guilty of misdemeanors and have that charge on our records forever. BUT that is NOTHING compared to the enormous loss of lives that the budget cuts will cause! Yes, 37,000 people living with AIDS will needlessly die because some wing nut Congress member decided that it would be good publicity to play with the budget. Everyone should do everything they can to stop the sequestration budget cuts. Now is the time to take off YOUR clothes in a Congress member’s office. For a thoroughly depressing look at how deadly these budget cuts are, check out AmFAR’s publication:

 And if you can, please donate so we can fight our ongoing court case. It costs us about $700 to get us all to DC for court appearances and we are facing fines of between $250-$750 each. We appreciate your help.

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