Join ACT-UP for AIDS Lobby Day 2013 on Jan 24th!

111222lobyJoin ACT-UP as we participate in Facing AIDS: Project ABLE’s HIV Advocacy Day.

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Begins at 10 AM, the Grand Staircase, State House, Boston.

Followed by a public, post lobby day speak out in the state house from 12:30 – 1:30 PM.

This year Federal Money for HIV is being cut millions of dollars from federal Ryan White and CDC Programs! Food, housing, transportation, recovery and mental health and prevention programs will all suffer. The Governor already cut $225 million from Mass Health in December! Our health and our lives are at stake!

The state has money that it can put in this year’s budget to make up for federal cutbacks. There is over $ 1 billion in the “rainy day” fund that the state keeps for emergencies…and THIS IS AN EMERGENCY FOR US!  The Ryan White program is threatening to cut $1.5 million from the HDAP HIV medication program and the state HIV program will have to cut some of our programs just to restore it.

MASSACHUSETTS GOVERNMENT HAS THE MONEY! Recently, the governor and the legislature found over half a billion dollars to build new women’s prisons by issuing a $550 million bond that also provides tens of millions to banks in interest! This is not the kind of housing that we need! There are over 2000 people living with HIV in this region who are homeless or “unstably housed”. Thousands are infected and don’t know it! Many more have HIV but are not in treatment. We have the means to end this epidemic. This is not the time to go backwards!

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