AIDS Fiscal Cliff Cuts Merely Postponed

533766_400873973328151_1712507860_nAs Housing Works so clearly states here, the Fiscal Cliff cuts are still a threat to the lives of people with HIV. The budget agreement worked out this week by congress only delays the implementation of those cuts a few months. Arguably, it may now be even tougher to prevent these or even more significant cuts to discretionary programs that are so important to people with HIV. With the Bush Tax Cuts issue now resolved the Obama administration can no longer use it as leverage and so will be in a weaker position in the battle over the sequestration cuts. Powerful interests will also be fighting to reduce substantial sequestation cuts slated for defense spending by shifting those cuts onto other programs including life saving programs for people with HIV. But doesn’t the defense budget already get too large of a slice of the pie? Just take a look at this chart.  Of federal discretionary funding, 57% of it already goes towards defense, wars and killing instead of healthcare, medical research, renewable energy, protecting the environment and the planet, housing and food. So the budget battle for dollars and lives continues on. Don’t stand on the sidelines. Get involved! ACTUP!

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