A Must Know (All): The HIV Continuum of Care

Stages-of-CareFig1Key Graphics: CDC Analysis Showing Proportion of People Engaged in the Five Main Stages of HIV Care

The ‬CDC has been updating data on the Continuum of Care (see link above).‭ ‬It shows, that among other things, only a quarter of all Americans with HIV have their virus under control.‭ ‬Alarmingly that means that in those with HIV there is a lot of virus floating around that can be transmitted to others. ‬That is because about 20% of those with the virus don’t know they are infected. Meanwhile, 60% of HIV infected youth don’t know they have HIV!

CDC Director Dr.‭ ‬Thomas Frieden recently stated the obvious:‭ “‬Despite progress,‭ ‬most people living with HIV in America today are not getting the treatment they need,‭” ‬said the director.‭ “‬Well under half of the people in every group who need treatment are receiving it.‭ ‬We need to change this reality so that far more people living with HIV are able to stay healthy and reduce their chance of spreading the virus to others.‭”

That means getting people tested for the virus and if they are infected, getting them on treatment.

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