Let’s Give John Kerry a Mouthful for Thanksgiving.

Spend Thanksgiving Eve with the Kerrys.

Join us as ACTUP invites ourselves over to the Kerry manse on Beacon Hill for a holiday meal to protest Senator John Kerry’s Inaction and Silence on the “Fiscal Cliff” and the devastating impact it will have on people living with HIV. Demand that he take a strong, visible and uncompromising position against any and all proposed cuts to social programs.

Oppose “Death by Budget”; demand complete and full funding of all HIV programs, domestic and global!

People with HIV need housing, food, and other supports in addition to HIV medications! The people need a leader who will lead and not go along with any Democratic party proposal that would cut one penny from people’s programs!

Meet at 1pm at the fountain at Park Street station and march to John Kerry’s house on Beacon Hill for a picket and mock “austerity” thanksgiving meal.

Lets all give John something to chew on over the holidays.

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