Urgent Community Meeting: Fight The Cuts

On January 3rd, 2013, automatic cuts to federal programs will take place, known as the sequestration cuts, which will put the lives of many people living with HIV and AIDS in jeopardy. The estimated impact of the cuts include:

  • 15,708 people will lose access to crucial life-saving drugs

  • 5,000 households will lose housing support

  • 460 AIDS research grants will be eliminated

  • 412 people living with HIV will not be diagnosed

  • $65.2 million in HIV prevention services will be cut

  • $1.6 million in viral hepatitis prevention services will be cut

These cuts will result in an intensification of what was already a crisis to begin with. Our community cannot sustain more damage. Programs and services that make our lives livable are on the chopping block, and we need to make it clear that we deserve these services AND MORE. Join ACT UP Boston in a gathering of people living with HIV and their allies to discuss the upcoming sequestration cuts, what we estimate their impact will be, and how we can start fighting back. We will share knowledge we have learned through conversations with the DPH, BPH, and Project ABLE, and we will begin to strategize direct actions we can take to stop these cuts in their tracks.

Join Us:

Emergency Town Meeting

Monday, November, 12th , 7PM

Community Church of Boston

565 Boylston St (Copley Square)

Info Phone is 786.325.5049

actupboston.org  or  facebook.com/actupboston

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