Hey Liz!, Hey Scott! What About AIDS?

Hey Liz!, Hey Scott! What About AIDS?

Hey Liz, What About HIV/AIDS?

After putting in a “conspicuous” showing to pressure Liz warren to speak out on HIV/AIDS at a recent campaign appearance her people got in touch with our people. We met and then sent Liz a list of demands and suggestions. Now she is finally putting together a position paper on HIV/AIDS and she says she’ll talk about the issue more. But we’ll follow up Liz.

Hey Scott, What About HIV/AIDS?

We are still trying to meet with Scott Brown’s office (our fist meeting was cancelled due to a staffer’s “illness”). We still want to learn what he plans on doing to help end AIDS should he be re-elected. When we do meet, if we don’t like what we hear, we will let him know in a manner that will be less than polite.

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